The sport

"Riddersport", which roughly translates as "Knights' sports", is the middle ages' use of weapons while mounted, reintroduced as a modern sport. We place great emphasis on a historic sport, that is, a sport where the exercises are based on real historical evidence.

Divisions of the sport

There are two divisions of the sport, Skill-at-arms and Jousting.


Skill-at-arms is based on the mounted use of weapons as documented in medieval manuscripts.

In skill-at-arms the rider will ride a predefined course with various weapons and demonstrate the use of these weapons against targets. The rider gets points for riding (D) and weapontechnique (T), but only scores these points if the target is hit.


Jousting is the old sport of kings. Two riders ride against each other with lances, in an attempt to break the tip of the lance on the opponent. This division requires armour that protects the rider from the hit.

There is a seperate judge for each of the competitors (A and B judge), who in addition to assessing hits also judge bearing of the lance, etc.

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